Welcome to Noorie Halal Polska Sp z.o.o

Noorie Halal Polska specialises in the production, processing, and supply of stun free halal products to both the traditional and mainstream European and International markets.

With over 20 years of customer focused experience the company stands today in Poland as a stun free halal producer. Distributing both nationally and internationally, we provide halal products to the retail, wholesale, catering and fast food industries.

Recognised player in France and in the UK with reliable distributors, ethnic / traditional channels and international development, Noories has managed to become a Halal reference mark thanks to its ability to innovate resulting in supplying a wide range of products strictly Halal, fresh and frozen for food services and housewife market.     

Located in Poland the family owned business operates from a modern independent plant, fully committed to providing fresh, frozen and IQF 100% Stun free halal products.    

For greater transparency and tranquillity of the client, Noories only works with independent and serious certification bodies.